Investment Readiness

What you need to know if you plan to access investment and fly high

What is Investment Readiness?

There are many definitions – but what is the bottom line?

If your enterprise is approaching the stage where external financing becomes important, you’ve surely heard about the term INVESTMENT READINESS. There are a variety of definitions out there, some narrower, others very broad, but they basically have one message in common: IF YOU NEED REPAYABLE CAPITAL FROM INVESTORS TO SCALE YOUR IMPACT AND GROW, THEN YOUR ENTERPRISE MUST HAVE THE CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY TO SEEK, TAKE ON, USE – AND REPAY – THIS INVESTMENT.

So what exactly does this mean for your enterprise? In this short video excerpt from our online course ACCESS TO IMPACT INVESTMENT FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISES,  you will get a first idea which parts of your business should be “X-rayed”.

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