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What we offer to get you ready

Manage your impact and understand the expectations of your future investors

You may have heard of the term INVESTMENT READINESS – but do you know what exactly needs to be done in practice? You are familiar with the basic options of finance but don’t know the entire spectrum of INNOVATIVE FINANCE instruments available to support your impact enterprise?  You have started to measure and communicate your impact – but do you know how to use the latest, simple and entrepreneur-centric tools in IMPACT MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT (IMM)?

If one of your answers to these questions is NO, we are here to support you. The Social Finance Academy provides capacity building and financial literacy to impact entrepreneurs in self-study formats at your own pace:

Online Courses

Embark on the access to finance journey: we are your  guides into the essentials of impact finance. Complex concepts turned into easy-to-digest videos, worksheets and templates. Coming up soon: our new course on IMM -> LEARN MORE

Online Tools and Resources

Build your muscles in all things investment readiness: by regularly visualizing your progress with our innovative check tools. Challenging subjects made simple with structured questions, multiple answers and targeted resources -> TRY IT OUT