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Getting access to capital for scaling is a universal challenge for entrepreneurs, no matter which country or sector they are active in. But also support organizations, such as impact incubators or accelerators, know all too well that there are two topics that are always high on any impact investor’s checklist: IMPACT INVESTMENT READINESS and IMPACT MEASUREMENT & MANAGEMENT.  Of course, there are many impact entrepreneurs who decide to fund their ventures with donations or the famous “3Fs” (friends, family and fools). Others decide not to scale at all or rather grow organically, fueled only by internal funding sources such as bootstrapping. For all the other impact enthusiasts out there, there is no way to avoid acquiring the fitness to successfully convince investors to back you. And this includes being on top of the most suitable INNOVATIVE IMPACT FINANCE instruments, too.

This is where our Social Finance Academy comes in. As practitioners equipped with years of experience in impact intelligence and stocked with the latest tools and approaches, we are happy to be your fitness trainers on the access to capital journey. Let us help you build your strength in the following three disciplines:

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