Innovative Impact Finance

Learn to use the right financing tools to let your impact thrive


Why to learn more about innovative impact finance

Most impact entrepreneurs think of “classic” debt and equity – but there is so much more!

There is a whole range of  INNOVATIVE FINANCE instruments out there to finance IMPACT ENTERPRISES, not just the traditional options such as straight debt, equity or grants.   In the past couple of years, many innovative, hybrid and impact-linked finance solutions have been developed to cater to the specific needs of impact entrepreneurs. Of course, the “right” financial instrument largely depends on the entrepreneur’s business and impact model, financing needs, as well as the stage the enterprise is currently in and the legal form it has adopted.

So what do you need to know to find the best financing solution? In this short video excerpt from our online course ACCESS TO IMPACT INVESTMENT FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISES  you will receive an initial impression of the main aspects to consider and the basic forms of Innovative Finance:

Get a quick start into the concept

We have a few Innovate Impact Finance starters for you:

or check out this great Innovative Finance Toolkit that we helped prepare


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