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How we can help to incentivize and reward enterprises for impact

Use our unique expertise to expand your entrepreneurs' readiness

If you run a program targeted at impact entrepreneurs and want to make use of one of the most innovative approaches to impact finance, then we are here for you. By training your entrepreneurs on what it takes to access Impact-Linked Finance instruments such as SOCIAL IMPACT INCENTIVES (SIINC)  or IMPACT-LINKED LOANS, you ensure that they are ready and have what it takes. As the capacity-building arm of Roots of Impact, the pioneer in Impact-Linked Finance, we have the experts and the experience from 50+ structured transactions with impact entrepreneurs in 5 regions and multiple sectors across the globe.

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What entrepreneurs say about Impact-Linked Finance

SIINC is a fantastic tool to make harder-to-reach market segments commercially attractive and more accessible. Building the SIINC metrics into our financial modelling definitely reduces our risk profile and positively impacts our access to and interactions with current and future investors.” 

Nikolai Schwarz, ATEC

“Thank you for helping me to grow faster and scale smarter”

Greg Krupa, Novulis

“SIINC is a unique model of supporting impact enterprises like us since it allows us to develop our business while optimizing social performance”

Saif Rashid, Apon Wellbeing