Have entrepreneurs rewarded for setting up an IMM system


How we can help to reward enterprises to measure their impact

Use our unique expertise to expand your entrepreneurs' IMM capabilities

If you fund or run a program targeted at impact entrepreneurs and want to support them in setting up a meaningful Impact Measurement & Management system, we have an innovative solution for you: The IMPACT-READY MATCHING FUND (IRMF) is a hybrid instrument with elements from both, Impact-Linked Finance and capacity building. By rewarding entrepreneurs for collecting, analyzing and reporting meaningful impact data, they not only have a chance to create more and deeper impact but also to ease their access to impact investments. As the capacity-building arm of Roots of Impact, the pioneer in Impact-Linked Finance, we have used this new hybrid financial instrument for the first time in the B-Briddhi program in Bangladesh.

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What entrepreneurs say about IRMF

“We got engaged with the IRMF program at the initial stage of our pivot. The program helped us build a new vertical, develop a comprehensive theory of change, and quantify the dimensions of impact we expect…”

Salma Islam, SOLshare

“Being part of the B-Briddhi program has helped us develop a platform that would make us understand how we can measure our impact and transition from a fintech enterprise to an impact enterprise.”

Armin Zaman Khan, Romoni