Impact Investment Readiness

What you need to know if you plan to access investment and fly high


What is Impact Investment Readiness?

There are many definitions – but what is the bottom line?

If your enterprise is approaching the stage where external financing becomes important, you’ve surely heard about the term INVESTMENT READINESS. There are a variety of definitions out there, some narrower, others very broad, but they basically have one message in common: IF YOU NEED REPAYABLE CAPITAL FROM INVESTORS TO SCALE YOUR IMPACT AND GROW, THEN YOUR ENTERPRISE MUST HAVE THE CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY TO SEEK, TAKE ON, USE – AND REPAY – THIS INVESTMENT.

So what exactly does this mean for an impact enterprise? In this short video excerpt from our online course ACCESS TO IMPACT INVESTMENT FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISES,  you will get a first idea of which parts of your business should be “X-rayed”. One thing to have on your radar screen: Even in investment readiness, impact plays a vital role in each and every dimension of your business.

Get a quick start into the concept

Would you like to get a quick start into Impact Investment Readiness? We have a few resources for you: