Impact Measurement & Management

Why it is important to measure, manage and communicate your impact


How to set up a meaningful Impact Measurement

You strive to create impact - but to you know how to measure and manage it?

As an impact enterprise, it is only natural that you want to understand if your solution really creates the impact you set out to achieve. But how can you measure, manage and improve it? And how can you make sure that your impact accountability doesn’t eat up your resources? Also, once you approach a stage where you need to secure external funding, you’ll have the extra challenge of communicating your impact effectively to investors or donors.

In recent years, IMPACT MEASUREMENT & MANAGEMENT (IMM)  approaches have been blooming, with many stakeholders creating new frameworks and tools. There is also an increased understanding that IMM – if done right – is not a burden but helps impact enterprises to substantially improve their relationships with customers and beneficiaries, and as a result, their businesses.  The challenge, however, is to find the right tools and use them consistently. We are committed to helping you navigate the ocean of options and set your best course for IMM action. In this video excerpt from our online course ACCESS TO IMPACT INVESTMENT FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISES  you will learn the first steps of how to do this:

Get a quick start into the concept

We have a few IMM starter resources for you:

Or check out this great IMM Toolkit we prepared for B-Briddhi