The Social Problem

1.To which extent have you identified the root cause(s) of the social/environmental problem that you are trying to solve?

2. Are you familiar with the concrete consequences of this problem (i.e. cost) for your target group(s)?

3. Have you identified the current gaps and deficits of competing products and services for your target groups?

The Solution

1. Does your solution offer a distinctive value add to your target group(s)?

2. How far have you come in describing the impact goal of your enterprise?

3. ) Are you in a position to measure the impact and thus control the quality of your products/services?

4. Did you run pilots for your offering that are sufficiently documented?

The Distribution

1. Are your distribution channels clearly defined and manageable?

2. Is your organizational structure efficient?

3. Is your team sufficiently skilled to meet the requirements?

Growth & Scaling

1. Is your organization fit for scaling?

2. Did you define a growth plan for your offering?

3. Have you prepared a cash flow analysis for your expansion plan?

Financing & Forecasts

1. Have you clearly linked all of your income and costs with your activities?

2. Does your financial model sufficiently explain the link between growth and capital needs?

3. Did you define measurable key performance indicators (KPI) for success and failure?