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The Investment Readiness Roadmap is a systematic toolkit to support you as an impact entrepreneur on your journey towards investment readiness. It is based on many years of practical experience with supporting impact entrepreneurs and is meant to strengthen your ability to (1) continuously X-ray the status and progress of your organisation, and (2) successfully raise external financing from investors. The IR Roadmap is first introduced as part of our knowledge contribution to the “B-Briddhi – Scaling Impact Enterprises of Bangladesh” program. Accelerators, incubators and other impact support organisations can equally benefit from the IR Roadmap by using it within their training programs and cohorts.
As a practice-driven framework, the IR Roadmap consists of 40 targeted questions in 5 key categories. The questions will allow you to reflect where you currently are within your investment readiness journey. As a result, you will receive concrete recommendations how to fill gaps and progress: (1) a spiderweb graph highlighting your strengths, gaps and areas for improvement, and (2) targeted and curated resources such as tools, templates, reports, readings, courses and more. Before you start, a word of encouragement: Don’t assume you’ll need a perfect score in all catgories to be able to attract investors. Rather consider this tool as a continuous opportunity for learning and improving. Enjoy the journey!

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