Signing Readiness Check

Are you prepared to access investors, master the investment process and sign an investment contract?

Investor Approach

1. To which extent have you identified suitable investors whose investment criteria are met by your social enterprise?

2. Are you familiar with the information that these investors need to initially assess your social enterprise?

3. Are you prepared to approach these investors?

Management Presentation

1. Have you clearly defined the unique selling proposition of your enterprise?

2. Did you work on telling the story of your social enterprise in a compelling way?

3. Have you practiced pitching in front of potential investors?

Investor Due Dilgence

1. Are you familiar with the typical investor due diligence?

2. To which extent did you organize your team for an efficient due diligence process?

3. Which due diligence materials have you prepared?

Investor Selection

1. Are you clear about what you want from your future investor(s)?

2. Are you aware of the consequences of different types of financing for your social enterprise?

3. Have you considered using hybrid financing and cooperation models for your social enterprise's growth?


1. Have you prepared yourself for negotiations on the main terms and conditions of the financing?

2. Are you familiar with the relevant features of typical financing contracts for the kind of investment you seek?

3. Did you define clear cut-off criteria for your negotiations with investors and are you ready to bear the consequences?