Investor Relations

1. Did you define a strategy how to build good relations with your investors?

2. Are you sufficiently familiar with the individual information needs of each of your investors?

3. Do you know how to make best use of the value add that your investors can offer to your enterprise?

Monitoring and Report

1. To which extent do you monitor the impact that your enterprise achieves?

2.How evolved is your financial modeling?

3. Have you installed an integrated management information system (MIS) to help you guide your enterprise?

Mission Preservation

1. How deep is your understanding of how much you, your team and your investors are really aligned in terms of your enterprise's mission?

2. Did you take precautions for a potential mission drift before you chose your investors?

3. Do you have a strategy how to deal with market changes that may challenge your business and mission?

Subsequent Financing

1. Are you sufficiently aware of your future financing needs to implement your growth and scaling plan?

2. Do you know if your current investors have the capacity and willingsness to continue funding your enterprise?

3. How do you (intend to) approach your investors and secure their continued support?

Exit Strategy

1. To which extent have you discussed different exit strategies and preferences with your investors?

2. ) Did you think about the effects on your enterprise's impact if some or the entire group of owners/shareholders were to sell their shares?

3. If applicable: Do you know about the options you have to ensure a responsible exit?