Blended Finance Purpose

1. What is the main goal of Blended Finance?

2. How does Blended Finance differentiate from Impact Investing and Commercial Investing?

3. What are the key characteristics of a Blended Finance transaction?

Blended Finance Actors

1. Who are the primary actors involved in Blended Finance transactions?

2. What is THE essential Blended Finance feature that triggers more private capital flow to developing countries?

3. How do the motives of public, philanthropic and private sector funders differ?

Blended Finance Instruments

1. What are the main types of Blended Finance solutions?

2. What is the core function of concessional capital in Blended Finance?

Blended Finance Obstacle

1. What is the biggest obstacle to increasing Blended Finance activities?

2. When NOT to use Blended Finance?

Blended Finance in Practice

1. How many Blended Finance Deals do you think have been closed worldwide to date?

2. What would you say is the typical deal size of a Blended Finance transaction?

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