Muscle training for social entrepreneurs

Workout c’d: muscle training for social entrepreneurs

by Team SFA, November 30, 2018

While our team at SFA is busy creating new workouts for you, there is no need to hold your breath. Great online and onsite offers are available from our friends in the ecosystem to keep a social entrepreneur’s knowledge muscles flexible and strong. We compiled a short list for you here – across geographies, training disciplines and formats – but always around our favorite subjects: investment readiness, impact management, and social finance!

Online – intensive workout

(1) “Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact”

+Acumen / 5-week online course / free of charge / open (started Nov.13, 2018 – next iteration Mar. 19, 2019) /

(2) “Financial Modeling for the Social Sector”

+Acumen / 7-week online course / free of charge / open, self-paced /


Online – light to medium workout

(3) “Social Innovation Academy webinar series”

Social Innovation Academy / ongoing webinars, e.g. impact finance, free onsite trainings are offered on top in several European locations / free of charge (only registration required) / / the webinars can be found here:

(4)  “EPN Investment Readiness & Social Finance webinar series”

Empowering People Network and FASE / 4 recorded webinars on business model and plan, proof-of-concept, and investor approach / free of charge / open any time /


A bit of stretching in-between?


Online – special workout

(5) “Impact Management & the SDGs”

SoPact / live webinar on impact management and reporting aligned with 17 SDGs / free of charge (registration only) / Dec. 6, 2018 /

(6) “Social Impact: Planning for Success”

Philanthropy U & Shashi Buluswar / 5-week online course on systematically creating real impact / free of charge / open (started Nov. 19, 2018 – next iteration Jan. 21, 2019) /


So whether you need a break from training or would like to continue flexing your impact muscles with our befriended personal trainers: We will be happy to meet you again for our next SFA Workout Track!